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Available for: 3-5yrs Girls & Boys
When: Tuesday 4.45-5.15pm
Cost: £69 per 12 week term

This class covers a mixture of basic Street Dance moves and sing along fun, preparing students for the next stage. The perfect place to improve timing and rhythm.

Class: POP TOTS (35mins)
Available for: 8 months-4yrs
When: Saturday afternoons 1.00-1.35pm
Cost: £78 per 12 week term (£6.50 per class)

A mixture of dance moves, sing-a-long songs and drama actions for 2-4yr old beginners. As this is our youngest class, one parent is allowed in the class per student to join in and help them along if they wish. Students will be moved up into our Minigems 2 class when both the teacher and parent think they are ready.

Class: MINIGEMS (40mins)
Available for: 3-4yrs
When Wednesday mornings 11.00-11.35am and Saturday afternoons 1.40-2.20pm
Cost per 12 week term: £78 Tuesdays / £84 Saturdays

A mixture of dance moves, sing-a-long songs and drama actions for more experienced 3-4yr old students. Adults wait outside the studio for this class in the waiting area as we need maximum concentration, but are welcome to peep through the window. If you would prefer to attend the class with your child, our earlier call ‘Minigems 1’ may be more suitable.


Available for: 4-16yrs
Group A: 4-7yrs
Group B: 7-10yrs
Group C: 10-16yrs

When: Saturday afternoons 2.30-4.30pm

Cost: £213 per 12 week term (£17.75 per week)

Our performing arts groups are split into three age groups, and run on Saturday afternoons during term time. Every week, each group takes three classes of singing, dance and drama, rotating every 40mins over two hours. These classes are the perfect way to build confidence, learn new skills, and have fun at the same time.

To book any of our classes, please email or call 07960337331

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